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Amanda's interview with Gun Funny

Listen to Amanda's conversation with the popular 2A personality, Ava Flanell.  Amanda Hardin from Lipstick Tactical, discusses a controversial 2A ruling on illegals, highlight the biggest new micro-nine from Del-Ton, and talk about a glimpse of the future of our gun rights if we don’t get active.

Amanda's interview with Unstoppable Woman

Click here to listen to Amanda's conversation with host Noelle Peterson

Amanda's interview with Armed American Radio

Listen here to Amanda's conversation with Mark on Armed American Radio

Voyage Denver Interview

Life & Work with Amanda Hardin of Lipstick Tactical


Meet Amanda

Amanda Hardin, the Founder of Lipstick Tactical. She has taken an unconventional approach to her career. As an academically trained nurse, she worked in a traditional role as a Registered Nurse, ultimately leaving healthcare to pursue a career in commercial real estate where she still actively works after 15 years. Amanda keeps her RN active along with her Red Cross Instructor certifications incorporating her medical knowledge and training into her classes at Lipstick Tactical.
She has been a nationally sponsored competitive shooter and appeared on Season 3 of History Channel’s reality TV show, Top Shot.
Amanda approached life with a passion to learn, a desire to grow, and a commitment to share with others her journey of success by guiding them through theirs. 

Image by Andrew Kliatskyi

Train with  a Qualified and Accredited Instructor


14+ Years of Professional Experience in the Firearms Industry


NRA Certified: Firearm Safety

in the Home


Concealed Carry Certifying Instructor

Prezi (6).png

USCCA Certified

Prezi (8).png

Nationally Sponsored Competitive Shooter for Black Rain Ordnance Firearms

image (2).png

NRA Certified: Pistol

LogoMakr-0oETXo (1).png

SIRT Simulator Instructor


American Red Cross Instructor

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Contestant on History Channel's television show, Top Shot, Season 3

image (1).png

NRA Certified: Riffle


AR-15 Instructor


First Aid /AED/ CPR Certified


Registered Nurse (BSN RN)

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About Lipstick Tactical

Lipstick Tactical is a company that inspires and empowers. Not only because of the benefits of learning how to protect yourself, but because it's a revelation on how to "become" yourself...without boundaries or fears. It's about confidence and finding out just how much power you have within that has lied dormant. It's not just about shooting guns or learning how to take down a predator, it's about standing up, expanding your boundaries and letting nothing hold you back.

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