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Through firearms training, self-defense, and first aid training, Lipstick Tactical educates, trains, and empowers you to take risks and strive for self-actualization.

Hi there, it's Amanda!

The Founder of Lipstick Tactical. I am an academically trained nurse and worked in a traditional role as a Registered Nurse, ultimately leaving healthcare to pursue a career in commercial real estate where I actively have been working for 15 years. I keep my RN active along with my Red Cross Instructor certifications incorporating medical knowledge and training into the classes at Lipstick Tactical.


I have been a nationally sponsored competitive shooter and appeared on Season 3 of History Channel’s reality TV show, Top Shot.


I approached life with a passion to learn, a desire to grow, and a commitment to share with others my journey of success by guiding them through theirs.

Can't wait to train with you!

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Eric VanKirk

Just had a wonderful concealed carry class. Excellent instruction and extremely informative. Highly recommended.

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