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We offer ongoing Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) classes booked on a private basis for your convenience. Experience tailored training and expert guidance at a schedule that suits you best. For bookings and inquiries, please contact us at


Handling a firearm safely and precisely requires professional demonstration, followed by hands-on repetition. To legally conceal carry in the State of Colorado you need to take this class first and submit your certificate of completion with your CCW application to your local Sheriff's office. This is a 5 - 6 hour class that consists of mostly classroom instruction and then finishes with range time to demonstrate safe and competent firearm handling. We recommend new shooters consider taking the BASIC PISTOL class or a PRIVATE LESSON before registering for a CCW class.  

CCW Certification

  • This course is a blend of classroom and practical on-the-range instruction in which you’ll learn:

    • Fundamentals of a proper gun grip 
    • Safe firearm handling
    • Managing recoil
    • How to draw from a holster 
    • Pros & Cons of different on-body carry positions
    • Why on-body carry is preferred to off-body carry
    • Drills you can do on and off the range for concealed carry training & self-defense shooting
    • The process of how to obtain your concealed carry permit
    • The legalities of and responsibilities of concealed carrying 

    Our classes are small, so we can focus on your safety, provide personal attention, and help you learn to shoot in a safe, fun environment.

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