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Empowerment happens on and off the range! 
Book Amanda for your next club meeting, conference or as a guest instructor at your range.

Looking for a dynamic speaker at your next event or a guest instructor at your range?

Why work with Amanda?

Amanda approaches life with a passion to learn, a desire to grow, and a commitment to share with others her journey of success by guiding them through theirs.

Working with Amanda will inspire and empower YOU! Not only because of the benefits of learning yourself, but because it's a revelation on how to "become" yourself...without boundaries or fears. It's about confidence and finding out just how much power you have within that has lied dormant. It's about standing up, expanding your boundaries, and letting nothing hold you back.

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The S.A.F.E. Day Program provides a comprehensive and intensive one-day experience, focusing on key aspects of personal safety, accuracy, fast draw techniques, and empowerment through scenario-based training.

S.A.F.E. Day Program - Safety, Accuracy, Functional, Empowered

Bring the 
S.A.F.E Day Program
to YOUR Range!
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