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Private lessons are tailored to your specific needs so what will be learned is different for each person and dependent on your current skill level and your training goals. Once you book the lesson, we will follow up with you to secure the date and time of your class as well as discuss what your needs are.


This class includes instruction on and off the range, lane rental, eye and ear protection, targets and guns, but you have a gun so please bring that. I'm happy to let you use my guns as well, but I assume a goal of yours is to become very familiar with your firearms! You will need to provide the appropriate ammo for your gun. 50 rounds should be plenty. That can be bought at the range.

Additional Participant for Private Class

  • We will spend about 30 minutes going over the basics of firearms and firearm safety using a laser, shaped like a pistol. We can be off range for up to an hour depending on the information you want to cover.  Safety is number one and we will head to the range once you are demonstrating safe off range skills and feel ready to head out to the range. We can spend as long off the range as needed! 

    After that we will go out onto the range.  There will be other people shooting so mentally prepare to hear the firing of other guns while on the range.  This tends to make people jumpy when they have not been on the range before.  

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