Training, Team Building and Realtor Self Defense 


​Training with Lipstick Tactical will lead to feelings of being an Independent Bad A** Woman or IBAW as we like to call it.

Our classes are offered in a number of on range and off range settings covering much more than just firearms!!  

Keep exploring to find the training path that's right for you and your inner IBAW

Lipstick Tactical is committed to providing you quality instruction across numerous platforms.  Please enjoy our YouTube Channel and check back often for new videos.

Lipstick Tactical offers a variety of firearms training, including:

- Concealed Carry Certification

- Concealed Carry Level 2

- Lethal and Non-lethal Self-Defense

- Private Pistol Instruction

- Individual Customized Training

- SIRT Simulator Training

- Personal Gun Shopping Services

-Get Home Safe Bags

-Intro AR-15


When you go on a company retreat or participate in a team-building exercise, there is usually some well-justified nervousness. How will it play out? Could it be terrible to be trapped with colleagues? Could the bonding you do with co-workers be so amazing that you smile while thinking about it years from now? Yes, and yes.

But could you also end up with work stories that you will tell afterwards, for years and years? Definitely.


Class is approved for 2 Continuing Education credits by the Colorado Real Estate Commission DORA for licensed agents in the state of Colorado.  Class is 2 hours long but schedule for 3 hours for getting settled, taking breaks and looking over self defense products. Class can be brought to your location of choice and scheduled at your convenience.  There is hands on training during the class but we ask agents to wear their normal work attire as it is important to train like you would in an actual self defense situation.  

You don’t need to be a criminal genius to figure out that Realtors are easy targets.

  • They work alone.

  • Can be targeted by age and sex from your name and picture on a listing

  • You can be easily isolated in an empty home, far from public view. 

According to one report, there are commonalities of attacks on Realtors: 

  • The majority of the attacks occur in the afternoons on Thursday or Friday.

  • Over 70% of victims are women.

  • Most attacks did not occur inside major metro areas.

  • Guns were used in almost 50% of the attacks.

  • Robbery was the intention going into the attack but often escalated to murder.

To eliminate your risk, we’re going to give you some simple rules to follow that will make you a hard target. 

Remember, there are 3 things every criminal fears: 

  1. Being Caught

  2. Being Identified 

  3. Being Injured

Anything you do to increase the chances of one of these three things occurring, the less likely you will be targeted.