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Forced to Defend Yourself? Discover the 6 Things You Didn’t Know Would Happen When the Police Arrive


Every single day Americans use their right to defend themselves and their families with self-defense. But no one talks about what to expect AFTER the event. From how the body responds to stressful events to what to say to 911 and when the police arrive! We cover it all so you know what to do in the immediate aftermath.

  • What your body will go through during a violent attack
  • Understand the difference between freedom and a lifetime in jail
  • Why your judgment may be clouded after a self-defense incident
  • What to say to the police if you pull your gun... even if you don’t fire it
  • 6 things that WILL happen when the police arrive
  • Develop your CRITICAL self-defense response plan
  • Plus: LIVE Q&A with USCCA-Certified Instructors
  • FREE Gifts with attendance - a $100 value of tools & self-defense training
  • What to Bring: Questions you have and materials to take notes


Join us for this FREE workshop where you'll discover how to create your critical self-defense response plan for you and your family.

FREE CLASS: The Aftermath of a Self-defense Incident

  • When: Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 | 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

    Where: Shoot Indoors Denver - 410 Raritan Way, Denver, CO, 80204

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