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Who is 101 Incorporated? The brand specialized in Airsoft equipment

Present on the outdoor equipment market since 2012, the 101 Incorporated brand aims to provide both practical and technical equipment, whether for an Airsoft enthusiast or an outdoor enthusiast. Specializing in Airsoft equipment, the brand focuses on a vision where the sensations and equipment must be as realistic as possible in order to provide optimal immersion.

101 Incorporated thus offers quality products, adapted to these worlds where adrenaline and determination are the key words. In order to continuously improve its products, the 101 Inc range has rapidly expanded and therefore has a wide catalog of products. To date, it includes tactical clothing, combat boots, tactical gloves but also more than 1400 PVC patches. Among these tactical outdoor product lines, you will find, including:

Resistant and functional pants:

The main function of trousers is obviously clothing. This is an essential element when building an outfit. It must therefore be practical but also ensure maximum mobility. 101 Incorporated has developed various models, each meeting specific criteria such as:

  • wear resistance

  • Breathability of the fabric

  • a certain carrying capacity

  • ease when wearing

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