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What are the 5 retention levels of 1957 Radar holsters?

A holster can have several levels of retention, these indicate the number of protection mechanisms included in the holster. The main purpose of these mechanisms is to protect the wearer from the tearing off of his weapon, but they can also be used to improve the grip of the weapon or prevent the weapon from falling.

The retention levels are graduated from 1 to 5, depending on the number of security in place and are to be adapted to the needs of each wearer according to the risk of tearing off and the need for rapid access to the weapon.

What are the different retention levels?

  • Evolock-s system: Internal safety mechanism activated by the weight of the weapon

  • Rotoloop-s system: Rotating protective tab that is placed above the weapon and automatically removed when pushed forward (see first photo at the top of the page)

  • STR system: System including a safety screw to tighten the holster to hold the weapon and prevent its movement

  • Roto Guard system: Additional protection that is added on top of the holster to prevent tearing and hitting on the holster

  • BS-Pro system: Additional protection located behind the release system to protect against tearing from behind

  • LTG system: Lever being a pedal for the index finger facilitating the extraction of the weapon. This is placed naturally on the index finger when unsheathing the weapon, it facilitates the unlocking of the weapon for operators with gloves or small hands.

  • GUARD system: Anti-tear tab that protects the locking system. This system avoids discomfort when wearing a bulletproof vest or jacket.

  • Rotolock system: Reinforced outer buckle, attached on either side of the body of the holster that protects the upper part of the weapon

  • LL System - Lock Loop: Self-closing external weapon protection strap.

  • L.E.P (Locking on the Ejection Port) system: Located on the side, it offers a quick and natural sheathing as well as a secure resheathing of the weapon

  • R.L.L (Rotation Locking Lid) system: Small cover placed at the top of the holster that blocks the exit and locks the weapon inside when safety is activated

  • O'Ring Tie system: Rubber locking strap passing over the top of the slide

  • NN Fastening Safety Device System: Elastic attached to a hook to prevent the weapon from falling or stolen

  • DROP system: System allowing the holster to be directly fixed by thigh straps to prevent its fall.

  • T-LEP system: Thumb locking system thanks to a release button connected directly to the release lever, it is deactivated by a slight press

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