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Wear a mask for shooting

Why do I wear a mask for shooting?

And why you should do the same!


On May 12, I published an article on the health risks associated with shooting activities and the precautions to be taken according to the recommendations of occupational medicine.

A few weeks earlier, I had a blood lead level, my level was then close to 300 ug / L.The biological limit in USA being set at 400 ug / L, measures had to be taken (quickly) or I would stop my activity.

Why (if) high rates? :

In the first place, for many years, no awareness had been made on this subject.

- No action

- No protocol

Shooting ranges (closed) often lacked effective ventilation.

There were also very few means available in the facilities to wash hands, face.

Final finding:

By implementing a simple and adapted protocol, and by wearing a protective mask respecting the P3 standard, my rate went down to 103 ug / L in 6 months.

Protection for lead but not only…

However, several brands now offer masks with an equivalent level of protection and at a more affordable price.

Nevertheless the SOTR is in my opinion comfortable, efficient, and has a cartridge filtration system. It also allows you to breathe comfortably even during intense physical exertion.

It does not cause any discomfort for the practice of shooting, and is easily integrated with other equipment (ballistic helmet, glasses, ear protection helmet).

However, the use of a mask is not limited to the practice of shooting.

A standard P3 protective mask (even paper) will find its place in any intervention bag. (suspended particles, cement dust during explosion or fire for example).

In any case, and regardless of the solution chosen, the main thing is to preserve your health

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