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Do you know the 5.11 Tactical brand? The reference of military clothing and equipment

The manufacture of climbing clothing and equipment are the premises of the creation of the company 5.11 Tactical. Indeed, it all began in California's Yosemite Valley in the 1930s, when a new hobby emerged and quickly became very popular: recreational rock climbing. Many people come to Yosemite to discover, practice and have fun, but do not have suitable equipment for climbing.

Royal Robbins, an American climber, seized this opportunity and decided to create a company offering quality equipment for these climbing enthusiasts.

One of the first products manufactured and offered to this clientele composed of both professionals and climbing enthusiasts is the 5.11 Tactical pants.

It has been designed to optimally meet the technical needs involved in the practice of climbing. Resistant, functional and durable, it is quickly recognized by this sphere of climbers and this popularity does not empty over the years since the 5.11 Tactical pants spread quickly around the world.

One of the highlights of 5.11 Tactical's history came in the 90s. It was when the success of these trousers reached defense and security professionals that Royal Robbins became fully aware of the magnitude of the 5.11 Tactical phenomenon. Indeed, the 5.11 pants are quickly worn by FBI agents and adopted as law enforcement pants for their training. It even later extended to police departments and protection agencies in all states.

In 2003, 5.11 Tactical decided to refocus the company's strategy in order to meet new needs, specific to the professional defense market. Everything is then sold except a few products corresponding to the new vision of the brand and in particular the 5.11 Tactical pants. The company 5.11 Tactical as it is known today was born.

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