We all have those nagging voices in the back of our head reminding us of the things we wanted to do, or were supposed to do, but we simply didn't get around to them. Not getting them done really starts to frustrate us, but we don't seem to get an closer to completing the projects or tasks. If you can relate, perhaps it's time to get yourself an accountability coach.  customized and created accountability coaching is for the person who is ready to be absolutely committed to making sure that they follow through on their goals no matter what.   Through weekly check-ins via phone or skype, you will be held accountable to your goals and to the agreed-upon benchmarks and habits that you have set for yourself.


Accountability Coaching is for

  • anyone determined to make this year their best year yet and wanting assurance that they will stay on top of their game and goals, not losing focus or momentum through the year

  • anyone with a goal that really matters to them who wants assurance that they will stick with their pursuit of their goal

  • anyone who struggles with follow-through and wants to change that

  • anyone looking to have an edge on achieving their goals or dreams and wants a coach in their corner to keep them on track and consistent

Through one-on-one connections in person or on-line, a variety of Life Coaching resources are offered, including:

- One to One Coaching

- Online Coaching & Check-Ins

- Individualized Coaching Packages

- Goal-setting & Attainment